Why Neurodiversity Works for Creativity won the WPP Atticus Award 2020 in the Creativity with Purpose category. You can read a exerpt here.

Amy Walker is an autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic inclusion and diversity professional and speaker. She started the campaign Neurodiversity Works in 2018 after benefitting from Ambitious about Autism’s Employ Autism internship programme. Find out more about her at AmyAspie.com

We know creativity works. We know innovation works. We know that purpose works. In this essay, I will demonstrate that neurodiversity works, for creativity, innovation, purpose — and for everyone.

In Why Should Anyone Work Here?, by Rob…

Amy Walker Writes

Neurodivergent campaigner writing about life on the spectrum www.amyaspie.com / www.linkedin.com/in/amywalkerphoto/ / www.neurodiversityworks.uk

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